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Vehicle safety features still come with their drawbacks

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It could be that you were in an accident with a driver who had the ADAS on. ADAS stands for advanced driver-assistance system, and it is composed of a number of safety features. While there are plenty of drivers in Augusta, Georgia, who rely on these, experts say that the systems come with a few drawbacks. If you intend to file a claim against the other driver, you may find that the ADAS had, in fact, contributed to the crash.

Overview of the safety features

Still, it is true that ADAS can improve driver safety. Vehicles with these systems see 27% fewer bodily injury claims and 19% fewer property damage claims, according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. One feature, blind-spot monitoring, reduces the crash involvement rate by 14%, per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

What the ADAS primarily does do is detect cars, pedestrians and objects with which the vehicle might collide; alert the driver to them; and, through a feature called automatic emergency braking, apply the brakes for the driver if he or she does not react quickly enough. ADAS may also come with adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. The former maintains a safe distance from other cars while the latter prevents lane drifting.

Drivers may rely too much on ADAS

One problem with the ADAS is how it can make drivers complacent. As their name implies, these systems assist drivers rather than replace them, but drivers may assume that their vehicles are autonomous and thus become more easily distracted. Besides that, the technology has flaws. On an on-ramp, for example, the ADAS may apply the brakes because a car in the next lane looks like an oncoming vehicle. A third concern is with cost. Installing and repairing the cameras and sensors can be expensive.

A lawyer to evaluate your case

You may have good grounds for a personal injury claim, but only a lawyer may be able to properly assess it. A lawyer may bring in crash investigators to prove the other driver’s negligence, and legal counsel can also handle settlement negotations.