Representing individuals and their families in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases for over 30 years.

Assistance With Defective Products Cases

DOUMAR | RAINSFORD handles cases involving defective products, which are cases where a consumer or user of a automobile or other consumer product such as a motorcycle, truck, boat, crane, machine, saw, etc., suffers serious injury or death because of defects in the product’s design or because the product failed from some mechanical or manufacturing problem.  We handle cases that involve the following specific situations among others:

  • Amputations or Loss of Limbs
  • Brain Injuries or Nervous System Damage
  • Design Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Pulmonary, Cardiac or Other Organ-System Failures
  • Serious Burns
  • Serious Head or Eye Injuries
  • Helmet Defects (Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmets)
  • Severe Injuries or Deaths Caused by Electrical Currents
  • Warning Defects / Failure to Warn
  • Power / Pressure Cooker Explosion Burn Cases
  • Vehicle Rollovers and Instability
  • Fuel-Fed Fires
  • Airbag Failures
  • Door Latch Failures
  • Seatbelt Failures
  • Roof Crush Design Defects