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Who might be liable in a truck accident in Georgia?

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If you are hurt in an accident caused by a commercial truck driver, many parties may be liable for damages. For instance, the ]company that hired the driver might be a defendant in your personal injury case under the theories of vicarious liability or negligent entrustment. In the event that the vehicle that collided with yours was not properly maintained, you may be able to pursue a product liability claim.

What is vicarious liability?

Generally speaking, the person who causes an accident is responsible for paying medical bills or other expenses as a result of that crash. However, those who knowingly allow drivers with a history of accidents or traffic tickets on their record to operate their vehicles could also be named in a lawsuit.

Employers are generally responsible for the actions of their workers

If an employee gets into an accident while performing a task for an employer, the employer might be responsible for any damages. It is important to note that vicarious liability or negligent entrustment laws don’t apply if a collision occurred while a worker was using a company vehicle for personal use. This may be true even if an individual took time to run a personal errand after making a delivery or performing another task for his or her manager.

Was a road or other structure poorly maintained?

Government leaders might be named in a lawsuit in the event that a poorly constructed road, bridge or overpass was the proximate cause of a crash. The same may be true if a road or other structure was not properly maintained after it was installed or otherwise put in place.

If you are involved in a truck accident, it may be in your best interest to speak with a personal injury attorney. He or she may help identify all of the parties who might be liable for covering your medical bills or other expenses such as lost wages or retrofitting your home to accommodate a permanent disability.