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How to avoid 4 common types of automobile accidents

On Behalf of | May 14, 2022 | Auto Collisions |

Even though some accidents are out of your control, there are steps you can take to help prevent accidents. You can avoid many of these common automobile accidents with planning and thoughtful practice.

Here are four common types of car accidents and ways for you to avoid involvement in them.

Rear-end accidents

Many times, you may not be able to avoid being rear-ended. However, you can avoid rear-ending the car in front of you by maintaining a proper distance, avoiding situations that may cause you to break suddenly and not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Intersection accidents

Defensive driving is an essential strategy for you to use when avoiding accidents at intersections. You can watch for drivers appearing distracted while driving or speeding to catch a yellow light.

Single-vehicle accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute, you have a high chance of being in a single-car collision with approximately 53% of motor vehicle fatalities caused by single-vehicle accidents. Speeding and loss of control in poor weather conditions contribute to your risk of being in a single-vehicle accident.

Backing out accidents

Newer vehicles use various technologies to alert you of hazards when backing up. However, even if your car has backing-out alerts, avoiding parking in a way that requires you to back out is an even safer option.

A proactive approach to avoiding automobile accidents can minimize your risk of being in an accident and avoid injuries or increased insurance costs associated with them. Many prevention habits are common sense and require your committed and consistent practice to be effective.