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How to avoid pedestrian accidents when crossing the street

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Auto Collisions |

Have you ever tried crossing the street and encountered a fast-moving vehicle that nearly hit you? If so, you are not alone.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 6,500 pedestrians died in 2020. To prevent this from happening, consider following safety tips such as these when you are walking across the road.

1. Follow road rules

Being aware of your surroundings is a particularly good idea when crossing a busy street. Wherever you are walking, pay close attention to roadway signs and other posted directions. If there is a traffic light, wait for the signal to cross.

2. Find a well-lit crossing, if possible

Look for streetlights. If you are walking when it is late, try to find a well-lit crossing, if possible. This will reduce the chances of a pedestrian accident by making it easier for cars to spot you.

3. Hold young children’s hands

Never forget about the safety of others. For example, whenever you cross the road with young children, hold their hand to help them make it safely across. It can be easy for young walkers to fall behind their parents and guardians.

4. Use sidewalks, whenever possible

Sidewalks exist to make pedestrian travel safer. Sometimes, crossing the road is necessary, but other times, you can find alternative routes by using the sidewalk. If this is an option, do so. After you cross, continue using a sidewalk if you can.

Pedestrian accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. After such an accident, you may need compensation to help you recover and get your life back on track.